“Connective Training is awesome! I did not choose Connective Training as my first trainer for 2 reasons. The first reason was that they could not see me for a couple of weeks as they were sold out. I now know why they are in such demand! The second reason was Connective Training’s cost was more than the trainer I chose. The old saying you get what you pay for is what I should have listened to in the first place. Michele and Connective Training should be everyones first choice. Thanks for everything Michele. ” Kelly M.

“I cannot find the words to express how Michele has helped Gunnar and me. My heart and souls feels but my words feel inadequate. Last may I had the good fortune to meet Michele and learn of her passion for Weimaraners. I home board dogs and one I look after is Gunnar a very disturbed Weimaraner with health issues. He had a particularly manic phase destroying bedding / balls and stopped eating, which is a disaster for Gunnar. I reached out to Michele in desperation hoping there was some piece of advice that she could offer to help me unlock Gunnar and bring him nearer to balance. What I, and Gunnar, received was nothing short of a miracle. I can’t explain what happened, but then there is no need for explanation just acceptance. The videos that I took of Gunnar before and after Michele’s communication with him speak for themselves. Before Gunnar was manic, afterwards he was calm. His transformation was so dramatic it reduced me to tears, touched my soul, to see, to experience the power of Michele’s healing. Michele is herself a miracle worker, an Angel. Her kindness, her generosity of spirit and powerful healing reached across the oceans to help one locked in Weimaraner to achieve a state of calm in ways I never imagined were possible. Bless you Michele for all you have done for Gunnar and me and for sharing your gift. I am forever in your debt.”
Much Love and Light, Jenni Cross



“Michele, your 4 pack training was awesome! We learned more with you than we did in another programs 8 week class and appreciated the fact you could help us with our individual issues and questions that did not get handled in the group class setting. The socialization with your 5 dogs added so much we can’t thank you enough for everything!” Mike J.

“I contacted Michele many many years ago. We have pretty much stayed in contact and Michele has always inspired me with the work she does. Now with my new dog which just turned three years of age, I asked Michele if she would be so kind and communicate with Slick. There were some questions I had and we have not had an easy start. Wanting to understand Slick better, the reason for our coming together and to improve our relationship I asked Michele for assistance. Michele and Slick (she in Canada – Slick in Germany) had a conversation. I was blown away by the content. The information received was very accurate and most of all very deep. Knowing what I know now is taking our relationship to a whole new level. I have the greatest respect for this wise soul that he is and am so grateful that together we are going to take this journey of healing, growth and clarification. We are a fantastic team and I know that together we will achieve greatness. Thank you Michele from the bottom of my heart. May “our” connection last for endless years to come and I look so forward to meeting you in person one day!
Love, Gabi + Slick, Weiterstadt, Germany, March 7th, 2014


“Fila is the way she is because of you, and I truly mean that. She has grown into such a wonderful dog ( I still call her a puppy!) and it’s only because of your dog whispering ways!! We learned so much from you and so many people comment on how good she is. We owe it all to you! Julia Velikovsky

“Just so you know, YOUR training philosophies worked with us!! People STILL comment on how good Rocco is!! I STILL tell people about you guys all the time. Strangers. Friends. Anyone!! Who needs to be part of another training group, when you are simply the best anyways?!?! Thank you Michele. It’s the trainer who teaches the owner how to set the dog up for success. I learned a great deal from you, and we still practice every day, everything we learned!! Sherry Maclean

“I took my dog to see Michele from Connective Training after having very little success elsewhere. Training at her facility was awesome. I am glad I signed up for the 4 sessions because the amount of knowledge she shares with you is incredible. We worked with her dogs on socialization and they taught me and my dog so much. If you have not gone to Connective Training you are missing out. I regret not coming to you first :(
Thanks for everything Michele! Sincerely Mark

“I need to tell you of my absolute moment of thanks/pride today. (There have been many moments that I give thanks for you in maple’s growth and safety) Today there was a thunder and lightening storm, so when Maple started getting nervous, I asked her to do things and work with me. Then ‘BOOM’, loud thunder cracked and I wasn’t prepared- maples first decision… was to come to me and sit by my side. I was so incredibly proud/blessed and thankful in that moment. I recognized her first choice was to look to me for safety and direction. I know you can imagine how I felt in that moment. There are no words I can ever express to you that will show you my thanks, so I share the story. Maples Mom

“Well it’s been a couple of weeks now since we had our training session with you and we are starting to see some results. While walking thedogs I have had several encounters with other dogs walking past us and with the instruction of food to distract them we have had no negative impacts. (nice way of saying no one was injured) HaHaHa… Case in point, we were on the beachthis morning and I had Boomer and we hung back as Jo-Anne was approached by a guy and his dog. She distracted Ruby and lily without any problems. I made Boomer sit and wait for the other dog to come to him and when he started to focus and it, I pulled out a treat and the focus was broken. He then proceeded to completely ignore the other dog who was digging a hole in the sand right by him. Instead he focused on Jo-Anne who fifty feet ahead of us. The recall is working for Ruby and Boomer but Lilly still needs a lot of work. I hope to meet up with your pack again so that I can show mine off to you.Thanks for everything, Joy and Brett and Kristin

“Hi Michele, Brett and I just wanted to thank you again for helping us so much with Flin. He is still very stubborn, but his behavior on walks has changed a lot. He now doesn’t pull very much, and is constantly looking to us for instructions when he is off leash. He has finally stopped chasing horses, we even passed one without a leash on the other day (we got caught on a trail where I couldn’t see very far ahead). We are going to Avid Agility right now, having lots of fun. He will never be a star, but he is happy going and will do anything to please us.Mike and Joanne

“Michele,our private class for myself and dexter, the issue was him jumping on my back, now anytime he is wound up and looking for trouble, i am calm and he knows the routine, leaveit, sit, laydown, and he puts him self on his side and i don`t have to hold him there(in most cases). the bike riding failed as he pulled and i fell off, we`ll try again this spring, walking is wonderful, joe takes him for an hour in the a m and we take him again in the p m for 45-1 hr, weekends he goes to the dog park or beaver lake? he is such a good boy. thank you, as it took the just me and dexter class to get the confidence and not be frustrated. Jenny, you`re right,the techniques we learned will take us thru dexters life.he has great manners(except when he wants to greet at the door, that will be this weekends lesson, stay at the top of the stairs). we feel everything you taught us we are using and a round of dog classes at this time are not needed, however you did mention agility classes you had taken your dogs to, and we would like to take dexter there. could you tell me again where that was and any other info you might have. thank you again, and best wishes for 2012 to you and Michele and your families.Hester

“Dear Jeni and Michele, I know it has been a long time since tinker and I were in your classes but just want you to know how much we use your techniques with both sweetpea and tinker. I still refer to your notes. We have found a sense of order adn peasce in our house hold since taking CONNECTIVE TRAINING ™ . We will be using your techniques for many years to come and it will always be a challenge to keep on top of things. Jeni… thanks for being so patient with me as I was facing my own & mothers health challenges. I would not have had an ounce of success without your patience.Roy & Tinker

“Hi Michele, Thank you for the wonderful training support we received in welcoming our no-longer-so-little Maple Sugar into our family. We are all doing so well and feeling well supported, which is half the battle when you’re a new parent. :) Thank you, Michelle, for sharing your situation with your dog getting hit on the week-end, even though I’m sure it must have been difficult for you. I wanted to tell you that your story hit home with us – on my way home from class, I stopped at Canadian Tire and bought a spring to keep our gate latched. It’s something I had kept thinking about in the back of my mind, but never quite got around to acting on. Your message of “it only takes once” was the inspiration I needed to move into action. And I told my kids about what had happened to your dog, which I found later that day that they were repeating to others – so it made an impression on them too. We live on a busy road (Gordon Head Rd.), so this is a very important lesson for us to learn. I’m just glad we’ve been able to learn it through you rather than the harder way. And on Sunday evening the kids and I took Sugar out for a romp in the field of Mt. Dough High School. They haven’t been very involved in the training, at least not on a daily basis like I am. So I was overwhelmed when my 4 yr old, who usually just cuddles with Sugar until she gets bitten or scratched, proceeded to do some perfect training excercises with her. She took a few of the treats that I had in my pocket and I stood back as I watched her get Sugar to look, sit, lie down and stay several times over perfectly from the first try! I just wish I’d had a video camera. It was the most wonderful thing and helped me to see, once again, how much we all learned in these 8 weeks. Sugar is almost as tall as Soleia, but when it comes down to it, she recognizes Soleia as one of her pack leaders. Or at least someone with the potential to feed her yummy stuff if she cooperates :) Yay! Thank you for helping us all to start off our relationship in such positive ways that we can build on and grow as time goes on. Wishing you all the best and continued success with your own dogs and with the training business.Jacqui Ouldali

“Michele, Thank-you so much! It is like night and day.. we are enjoying our dog once more. Suddenly we have a well behaved dog, like we did go to class and spend hours training him. We have both noticed a difference in the timbre and quality of our voices; much more confident and matter of fact. We are in control and even Oscar knows it now. What a relief for everyone. with tons of gratitude Steve and Linda

“Hello Michele: That truly was awesome!! Sterling and I want to thank you so much for taking the time to come out here and provide training for all of us. Also, thank you for showing us the endorsement from Oscar’s humans. We are anxious to try to implement our new skills and will let you know how it goes. Once again, thank you for foregoing the connection with Cesar to be with us at our home, it was much appreciated. We are more optimistic than ever about what’s possible with our “Mikko”. You are awesome!!! Thank you. Sterling and Darlene

“Hey, This is Stevie again. Just wanted to give you aother quick update on Oscar. He’s doing great. The change in him is amazing. We have now had him off leash at Cy Hampson, Elk Lake, Horth Hill, the beach, even in our yard a bit without him running off. We still have the odd problem with him not listening but not anywhere near like it was before. I have been using the techniques we learned with you as well as watching the Dog Whisperer on TV and I have learned so much that has helped our family work with him in a way he understands. He still has his personality but is a lot calmer and easier to handle. My mum and I even got tickets to go see Cesar Milan live on Tuesday. The other thing we were able to do was get him to swim. We were so excited. He used to be afraid of the water but we worked with him and over the period of a couple of weeks he learned to enjoy it. He will chase a stick as far as I can throw it into the water. He loves to swim. The tiniest wave used to scare him out of going near the water and now he’ll go in and swim for his stick no matter how choppy the water is. He just loves it. He brings you the stick, looks at you, barks and twirls around until you throw it for him again. We learned so much from working with you and your dogs. It took time and a lot of patience but we finally reached the goal we had given up on before going to work with you. Oscar has really adjusted and just loves his life in Canada now. 😀 Steve

“Hi, my parents call me Toby Toes; I’m a Shih Tzu-Maltese cross. I met Michele last fall, when she came to my house, my parents needed someone to help me, and I was having trouble with my doggie etiquette. I had previously been to a puppy school, but it was noisy there and they yelled all the time, you could tell I didn’t do very well. My auntie Trena is Michele’s best friend and she said that she is an excellent teacher. My parents said that after she left that afternoon, I was a different little boy, I had some manners, and was a good listener too. At Christmas time, my mom and dad brought a little sister home, her name is Ruby Rose, rhymes with Toby Toes, she is also a Shih Tzu-Maltese cross. Now I have someone to play with during the day so now I’m not so lonely. Michele had a puppy class opening, so they registered us together, Ruby was a bit shy at first, but she soon was able to play with the other puppies, big and little ones. I didn’t know it was so much fun to learn, we go once a week and learn all kinds of things. There’s lots of love and praise when we do things right, understanding and patience when we have a little trouble, but then we practice and get it right. We are now being allowed to even go “off-leash” in the park by our house, it’s so much fun to run free, but we know mom & dad are there watching out for us too. We listen and get rewarded, and check back often with them. Woof, means we would recommend Michele Wonnacott of CONNECTIVE TRAINING ™ to everyone who is looking for an exceptional dog trainer. Toby Toes and Ruby Rose Canham

“Last fall I adopted a seven year old shepherd/collie cross and signed up for one of Michele’s adult dog training classes. I knew only a little bit about my dog at that time and Michele was a great resource for helping me understand my dog’s personality and needs. I appreciated her positive and connective approach to dog training and learned a lot about dog behaviour from her. Thanks in large part to the tools I learned in her class–and her shared knowledge of dog communication and behaviour– I am now enjoying a fantastic relationship with a very special dog. Michele conveys a deep love and commitment to dogs and for this, I will continue to recommend her as a dog trainer Kathy Morrison and Santiago

“We were introduced to Michele, just over a year ago when we purchased our puppy Sugar a Bichon Frise/YorkieX. Michele provided us with some in home training when our puppy arrived home.
Her knowledge and insight into puppy behaviour was extremely helpful as we developed the skills to house train the newest family member. We soon followed up with her 5 week puppy class. Her kind and gentle approach with the practical demonstrations were so helpful that puppy training became the highlight of our week. We as a family learned so much about why our puppy was doing the things she does and how to relate to her and properly correct her with great results. We have attended dog training classes before with our previous pets but we never encountered the successes as we have with Michele’s training philosophy and skills. If you have a dog or puppy that you find hard to train or relate to I would highly recommend that you attend classes at CONNECTIVE TRAINING ™ and I think that you will agree after attending the training and practicing it that Michele’s approach works. We have had a very enjoyable year with our puppy and look forward to many more wonderful experiences with our pet and we owe our success to our good friend and pet trainer Michele Jarvis Wonnacott. Mike Ball
Mortgage Consultant
Verico Select Mortgage
Admirals Walk

“Thank you Michele for your awesome Puppy classes! We now have a well behaved 6 month old pup who I know would be a little terror if not for your classes because you taught us, the puppy parents, how to train our dog. You are far and away the best trainer out of 3 others we have ever worked with. We think you stand out because you are not only excellent with animals you can communicate the techniques and theory to people who can then manage their dog. It is evident that you have a true desire to empower owners and their dogs to have a joyous and mutually rewarding relationship. We can’t say enough about how pleased we are, we will definately be back for adult classes and will recommed you to everyone we can. Sterling is an extra happy puppy now that he has manners and is allowed to go all kinds of places with us, play with dogs, people and kids, and just have a fun time! Thanks Michele, we give you 8 paws up (4 from Sterling and 2 each from Sherry and David).

“My name is Sylvie and I have four miniature pinscher doggies and an amazon parrot. Michele helped me so very much with my problem dog Casper. She was able to get me working with his issues and it’s made such a difference. Michele is able to connect with animals like no one I’ve ever seen before. My little dogs all had their own special needs that she was able to zoom in on and they have all benefited from having some time with Michele. When she came to my house to ‘visit’ with all my animals she was able to pick up on things I hadn’t been able to see myself. Even my parrot Kelly, she told me she’d be happier with her cage by the window so I moved it after she left and Kelly certainly does enjoy her new location. I’m very thankful for the time I’ve been able to spend with Michele Wonnacott for her insight into what’s going on in my little dogs minds. Sylvie Hanna

“Thanks so much Michele, We really enjoyed your classes. Thank you for all your help it has been such a positive experience for us all. We have learned so much and have seen so many improvements in Cano in such a short time. Hope to see you again soon. Take care. The McKinnon’s

“Thank you Michele for loaning the long line to us. We enjoyed our clasees and found the 1-1 and trying another way very helpful.The other day I was standing on my balcony and Poco was running wiht three other dogs. I asked her to stop and sit and she did! Thank You! Caroline

“Michele, you are an amazing dog trainer/teacher and an awesome person.
I really got a lot out of your classes and I know Owen and Levi enjoyed them too as they can’t wait to come inside when we arrive at you rplace on Wednesdays. Thanks for giving me the tools to enjoy an even better relationship with my dogs! Love, Lisa
Buddy, Owen and Levi

“Michele’s CONNECTIVE TRAINING ™ is really awesome.
It helps you get to know your animals and how to teach your pets new training skills to work with your very day life. I’m Meaghan and I am 14. My family and I went to CONNECTIVE TRAINING ™ when we bought our dog Sugar. The experience we had changed our lives! Michele really takes the time to know you and teach your dog in classes. The classes by the way are spectacular! Sometimes I just hang around because I love it! I love her bunnies also. Michele has dogs of her own so she knows what she is doing. Go for CONNECTIVE TRAINING ™ and be amazed at the high qulaity and the kindness she has to offer. Thanks Michele, Meaghan Ball

“Hi Michele, Wow what a summer! Hope you and your dogs are enjoying the hot weather… Stella learn’t how to swim in April and if she could she would be in the water all day, She is one years old now and has grown into her ears and paws! We learnt how to Mt bike together a few weeks ago.. ha the firts couple feet were interesting but she knows her left and right so well that she picked up quickly to stay on one side of the trail and not to run in front of me, she think its great because I am going at her speed. I remeber when I first met you you warned me that she would go through a teenager stage and I think I might be in the middle of that right now, certain things that I know she knows but she is ignoring me and if she had a middle finger I am pretty sure she would use it! But on one hand she can be like that but on the other she is getting better at so much more! she amazes me everyday! For instance we have a trailor we camp in on the lake in the summer and if I disapear for a few minuites and she cant see me she will go and put herself in my bed untill I get back so I am very proud of her she will do the same if it is past 8:30 at night and I am not sitting somewhere were she can curl up on my lap she will put herself to bed. Those are the moments that make up for the all the rest for me! Well I thought I would email you and let you know how we are doing and to thank you so much for your help it put me at such ease with all of your extra hands on weimaraner knowledge and experience… that I couldnt have gotten anywhere else! I also am wondering if you have people booking for adult classes in October or November yet? I am going away in September for two weeks and when I get back Stella and I would like to take a refresher course! She will be 15 months and I think it would be a good idea there are a few things we need to brush up on. So if you think I should call now and book let me know ? If not I can call when I get back which will be the end of September!THANKS AGAIN BREANN KING

“Hey Michele, It’s Stevie and Linda. We just wanted to update you on how Oscar is doing. We are sooo excited. We took him to CY Hampson park yesterday and he actually met all the other dogs and people really nicely. He even had a dog a tenth of his size try and dominate him by putting his paws on Oscar’s back but Oscar just barked at him, turned and started sniffing the grass. After that they were fine. Oscar obviously got his message across because the little dog tried to cower behind his owner. We walked him around a little on his long leash, and then dropped it. He was behaving himself so well (we also had his electric collar on) that we decided to take the leash off completely. By this point there was a pack of five or so dogs running around and we figured even if he ran, it would only be to that pack. He was amazing. He completely listened to my commands. When I called side, he whipped around and came running to me without hesitation. I only had to zap him maybe 5 times in the forty minutes we had him off leash and only had to do so because he was running off to meet dogs and ignoring my call, not because he was doing his usual bolt. We definitely have it in his head that I’m the alpha now. Even after he was off leash he refused to stray far from my side. I even encouraged him to join in with the other dogs (while I stayed close by) but he refused. He would run with them a little but if they got to far he would turn around and come and sit by my side. As soon as I started to run however, he took off chasing me and soon overtook me (he is a fast little guy). Even with that, all I had to do was turn and whistle and he wheeled around at full speed and took off after me again (it almost brought me to tears). He almost seemed more unsure off leash than on. When he’s on the leash he stretches out as far as he can, off leash however, he was almost glued to my side, constantly looking to me for reassurance. It was the most wonderful feeling to have finally succeeded in our goal. Not only was he off leash without running off, but he was also listening to my every command. You could feel the difference in his energy level, it was way down from the other times we’ve tried. Other owners were having difficulties trying to reign in their dogs but not Oscar, he would sharply turn and run towards me if I even said his name. Thank you so much for all the work you did with us. A year of hard work and persistence has finally led to a well trained dog (most of the time). My dad and I returned to the park today and there were no other dogs because of the rain, we had him off leash again and he once again never strayed far from my side and listened to everything I said. I am so proud of him. We’re still a ways off from being able to trust him completely off leash, I have yet to try it with just myself, I like the assurance that someone else can help me catch him if necessary but this is a huge step for sure. We’ll continue to work with him at this park and eventually hope to be able to let him out of the house to go pee without worrying that he’ll take off into the streets. Thank you again for all your help. We definitely could not have done it without you. Stevie and Linda

“When Maddie came into our lives, we were mourning the loss of one of our three cats. Her sad, shy eyes peeking up at us (see photo) through the SPCA kennel melted our hearts and before we knew what hit us, we had a dog! She was all skin, bones and boobs – we were told she had had several litters and had been living illegally in an apartment. Soon after she came to live with us, she would get so excited on a walk that she would pull and scream and vomit, which wasn’t much fun for anybody. We were avoiding walks with her – it was torture for all of us! Each time we tried, she would be worse. We are also conscious of the perception some people have of bully breeds and didn’t want to reinforce their thinking with a super-high energy, slightly crazed dog pulling us along. Michele was recommended by several of the people we asked for help. Right away Michele recommended a stress-reduction supplement and different food for Maddie, and most importantly for us humans to relax! Aside from the learning and reinforcing the regular training commands, Michele offered support for Maddie’s whole self, and support for us humans too – and it’s made all the difference! People who met Maddie 6 months ago barely recognize her as the same dog – she is calmer, less excitable, and we can go for walks every day! And even our 2 cats are happier! All of us can’t thank Michele enough! Thanks again Michele, you’re awesome! Melissa

“I have a sharpie puppy who hasn’t had the best start in life. One of the downsides to Kona’s abundant wrinkles was that she developed entropia (in growing eyelashes) caused by the wrinkles around her face. By the time she was 5 months old Kona already had 15 surgeries. Feeling sorry for her I allowed Kona free rain of my house and that’s when she began to get aggressive. She was afraid of strangers and didn’t know how to properly react in unfamiliar situations. Feeling very frustrated I went to my local pet store to ask for advice and they strongly recommended I talk to Michelle. Michelle has saved my relationship with Kona as I was getting so frustrated and thought I was running out of options to train my puppy. By teaching me some simple techniques I was able to regain dominance and respect with Kona. I am now the one in charge. Kona looks to me for direction and loves to please me. I have been to other dog classes and none were nearly as effective as Michelle’s. She has a unique approach to training dogs and will not stop until she finds a technique that will work for both you and your dog. Michelle helped me relate to Kona by showing me the proper way to react to Kona’s body language. Before Michelle, I had no idea when Kona was stressed out or anxious and now I am able to not only identify those signs, but I know how to work with Kona when she is feeling a certain way. I can’t say enough about Michelle and her excellent work with dogs. I strongly recommend taking one of Michelle’s classes; it has changed both Kona’s and my life. Kona and I would not have such a great relationship if it weren’t for Michelle’s help. Thanks Michelle!! Melia Kelly and Kona Bear