Hi Michele, I remember you mentioning you’d be interested in hearing any stories we had to share about possible signs since the loss of Enzo and I have one to share. I already told you about the white flowers arriving at our door the day he passed (after seeing Enzo and white flowers during our meditation). Three days later, another bouquet of all white flowers arrived from his vet which we took as another sign. However, about a week after he passed at some point I started noticing 11:11, it felt like every time I looked at a clock. I’m not sure how many times it happened but enough it finally got my attention. Ive never noticed this before in my life (at least not that I can ever remember). I felt a sense of calm, a feeling that is hard to put into words when I would see this and it continued to happen for about a week. Seeing 11:11 or 1:11 constantly on clocks, license plates etc. The day I got into my car to go pick his ashes up from the animal hospital it was 11 degrees. On the drive home I got stuck behind a bus, number 11. Of course I googled what this could possibly mean and everything I’ve read talks about guidance from your angels. I haven’t seen it in a few days now but I have chosen to take it as a huge sign from our boy. I am most definitely a believer now :)
Thank you,

“Words can not express the gratitude I have for Michele’s ability to communicate with animals. I lost my best friend in December, our beloved Akita Keiko. Michele was able to contact him and in one reading she validated it was Keiko and answered my questions for him. She gave me the connection I needed with my my dog and to say our goodbyes. I left her facility that day in complete peace. Thank you Michele, I am forever changed by that beautiful experience.”
Brandie Talbot

“I lost my heart dog suddenly last year and my world literally stopped. I had massive panic attacks and was in constant hysterics, to the point I was robbing my partner the ability to grieve because he was so worried for my well being. In a moment of clarity I thought to contact Michele to communicate with our boy. My mom and boyfriend who I would both describe as open minded skeptics came with me to Michele, and it was genuinely life changing. We laughed, loved, cried and bonded. I was able to let go of the excruciating pain and focus on the beauty he not only brought but continues to bring to our lives. Knowing that he isn’t ‘gone’ and is within reach, truly gave me the opportunity to move forward without him here everyday. ”


Michele has personally created a program especially designed to support the grieving period before and after your pet has passed over.

A home visit or an animal communication connection has proven to sooth the minds and hearts of clients both near and far.
These sessions are done in person or skype, by phone or at our Victoria BC location.


  • $185.00 2 plus hrs at facility or Skype
  • $225.00 2 plus hrs at your home

This allows you to get some emotional clarity about your pets wants needs and well being before your pet is to begin their passing journey.

Michele has had many clients tell her that this saved their own lives and minds during this highly stressful transition.

This reading allow you to know:

  • what your pet wants and needs from you
  • who they wish to see before they pass
  • the foods they wish to eat before they pass
  • messages they have for you or others
  • how to feel them and notice them when they visit you from the other side ( we have received tons of confirmation from this one)
  • acknowledgement
  • what you can do to help their journey be peaceful
  • energy work that you can provide to your pet
  • confirmation of love to one another





  • $185.00 2 plus hrs at facility or Skype
  • $225.00 2 plus hrs at your home

Michele has created a safe space for you, your loved ones, friends, family, to talk about your pet, where you are allowed the freedom to talk about how much you loved them or how much you miss them.

We cover:

  • Guilt
  • Shame
  • Remorse
  • Pain
  • And then we go on a meditative journey where you get to see and talk to your pet one more time. ( this one even amazes non believers each and every time)

Animal communication skills are brought in to answer and questions or concerns that you may have about your life with your pet and with their passing.

This session is life absolutely life changing and grief shifting.

After these sessions people contact me to tell me about the magic and miracles that occur in their lives during the grieving period. Its incredibly heart filling for all involved.

Once again, even the non- believers get fully involved in the beauty of this.