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“Words can not express the gratitude I have for Michele’s ability to communicate with animals. I lost my best friend in December, our beloved Akita Keiko. Michele was able to contact him and in one reading she validated it was Keiko and answered my questions for him. She gave me the connection I needed with my my dog and to say our goodbyes. I left her facility that day in complete peace. Thank you Michele, I am forever changed by that beautiful experience.”
Brandie Talbot

“I cannot find the words to express how Michele has helped Gunnar and me. My heart and souls feels but my words feel inadequate. Last may I had the good fortune to meet Michele and learn of her passion for Weimaraners. I home board dogs and one I look after is Gunnar a very disturbed Weimaraner with health issues. He had a particularly manic phase destroying bedding / balls and stopped eating, which is a disaster for Gunnar. I reached out to Michele in desperation hoping there was some piece of advice that she could offer to help me unlock Gunnar and bring him nearer to balance. What I, and Gunnar, received was nothing short of a miracle. I can’t explain what happened, but then there is no need for explanation just acceptance. The videos that I took of Gunnar before and after Michele’s communication with him speak for themselves. Before Gunnar was manic, afterwards he was calm. His transformation was so dramatic it reduced me to tears, touched my soul, to see, to experience the power of Michele’s healing. Michele is herself a miracle worker, an Angel. Her kindness, her generosity of spirit and powerful healing reached across the oceans to help one locked in Weimaraner to achieve a state of calm in ways I never imagined were possible. Bless you Michele for all you have done for Gunnar and me and for sharing your gift. I am forever in your debt.”

Michele has personally created a full communication program to be able to answer any questions that you may have concerning your pets well being.

She has personally created a full questionnaire to be able to get to the bottom of over 100 different items including:

  • mental
  • emotional
  • physical
  • spiritual
  • the human’s personal role in the pets life
  • the human’s personal role in his or her own life

It is very common for Michele to be right on target with veterinarian diagnosis and has saved quiet a few animals lives over the years with her intuitive sills and her healing modalities.

*** This does not replace Veterinarian care and Michele often recommends a full list of vet care after a reading.

This service is available through:

  • skpye
  • email
  • in person
  • the phone

All communications require a photo of your pet for Michele to be able to see the pet.

Michele has successfully been clearing up confusion and stress for animal lovers all over the world and has a very high success rate in connecting and getting clear answers that the owners resonate with.

Michele has actively worked with up to 5 animal communicators at once and been the one who has the clearest most concise answers each and every time.

She is able to connect with

  • locations
  • illnesses
  • disease
  • pain
  • deep fears
  • likes dislikes
  • wants and needs
  • food intolerances
  • missing pets
  • departed family members
  • past life connection

She can uncover what is the very best for your pet from your pet.

Clients are always left amazed, peaceful and with a much lighter heart.

They are also often left with homework!

Cost Of Communication: $195.00
Payment Required Before Communication.

Includes a 1 hr session and 3 follow up questions.

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“I contacted Michele many many years ago. We have pretty much stayed in contact and Michele has always inspired me with the work she does. Now with my new dog which just turned three years of age, I asked Michele if she would be so kind and communicate with Slick. There were some questions I had and we have not had an easy start. Wanting to understand Slick better, the reason for our coming together and to improve our relationship I asked Michele for assistance. Michele and Slick (she in Canada – Slick in Germany) had a conversation. I was blown away by the content. The information received was very accurate and most of all very deep. Knowing what I know now is taking our relationship to a whole new level. I have the greatest respect for this wise soul that he is and am so grateful that together we are going to take this journey of healing, growth and clarification. We are a fantastic team and I know that together we will achieve greatness. Thank you Michele from the bottom of my heart. May “our” connection last for endless years to come and I look so forward to meeting you in person one day!”

Love, Gabi + Slick, Weiterstadt, Germany, March 7th, 2014

“Thank you Michelle for connecting with our little four legged friends. Living in Calgary and Olds Alberta, it does’t happen very often that we can trek out to the island, however your gift of connecting and having conversation with our Angel and Miso nas been such a blessing and helped us to connect on a deeper level with them as well. You nailed exactly what was going on and cleared up a lot of concerns we had with the health and happiness of these little bugs! We are truly grateful for your service and highly reccommend you to others all the time!!! You ROCK sisa!! Hugs and blessings, “

Shelley Shahanaghi, Calgary, Alberta Canada

“Michele, You were able to communicate with my dog and she told you things that gave me 110% validation that you were “talking” with her soul. You are a gifted dog communicator, trainer and whisperer for their precious souls. Anything that makes you stand apart just means to me that your gift is too magical to belong to just any group. Thank God for your amazing ways and your great style training our best friends…5000 miracles and counting, way to go! “

Nicole Spirit

“I am truly amazed at how incredibly accurate and perceptive your communication with Ashley was. There is no way you could have known some of the things you described to me without truly having communicated with her. Before your communication, I was starting to feel frustrated and defeated with Ashley’s situation as it has been difficult to find her a home given her issues. She has been through numerous foster homes due to her dog aggression and we were making very little progress with her in this area.”

Thanks (Already),
– Adele Curtis

“Your communication with her has helped me tremendously by understanding Ashley better and what she needs to support and help her. It has given me a renewed sense of hope and I am now excited to move forward with her training and your recommendations. Thank you so much Michele, you have amazing abilities with animals and have truly been blessed with a beautiful and incredible gift. “

Lisa Atterby