” Hi Michele! I wanted to share this picture with you. Bella and Sita were recently in our wedding as our “Dog of Honour” and “Best Dog.” Thanks to your training and many, many hours of hard work we were able to trust that they wouldn’t freak out, lunge at people, or take off. They let multiple people handle them throughout the day (including kids!); they were very calm with all of the excitement around them; and Sita’s recall has improved to the point where she would be running around with dogs on the beach–and run right back when anyone called for her! I can’t thank you enough for all of your guidance and the skills you taught us–we have two calm, confident dogs that are far removed from the skittish Taiwan street dogs they once were!”
Natalie R.

” We were so impressed with Michele from Connective Training. Right from the first session ( private puppy 4 pack) we learned so much! We felt confident in her direction and we saw results right away! Michele taught us dog body language and that helped so much in understanding not only our dog but other dogs too. Mike made the booking of our sessions so easy and he went out of his way to give us the time slots that worked best for our family! Thank you guys for all your priceless help. Chris, Liam and Seamus. ”
Chris M.

” We are first time dog owners. Like a lot of people one of our criteria when choosing a dog trainer in Victoria was cost. Connective Training’s prices were high and it swayed us to go with someone else. Then when the first companies training did not work, we went somewhere else. When we became frustrated that we were not being listened to with our second training company, we called Michele at Connective Training to set up one appointment. We had now spent $500 with 2 companies and not learned much at all. The 1.5 hrs with Michele was worth every bit of the $500 and 8 hrs of time we spent with the other 2 companies and so much more. She does not just go through the motions. She explains what the dog thinks in every situation and demonstrated why they act the way they do in every circumstance. Her thoroughness was unbelievable. The old adage you get what you pay for held true here. Michele is worth every penny and we tell people to see her all the time. Thank you Michele for your gift with dogs. ”
Marnie S.

” We use your training techniques everyday! Thank you for all your knowledge. Xxoo ”
Leanne S.

“I don’t have words strong enough to describe the positive impact you had on our lives with two very damaged pups. From terrified and fear aggressive to service dog. Thank you for all of your knowledge and support.”
Kristy F.

Here at Connective Training we have created a safe place for you to come to learn more about your dog. Our focus is to support you in achieving your personal outcome, no matter how big or small. You will learn to recognize the things that do not work for you and your dog and then begin to focus in on what works the best . We will teach you to use any set backs as feedback and a perfect learning opportunity. We acknowledge that all people and dogs learn at their own pace and time and that there is no wrong in this in any way. In eliminating what doesn’t work for you we can then find an effective training method that does.

It is easy to put forward reasons why its not possible to train your dog yet these thoughts can only limit you. In our experience, people are pleasantly surprised when they discover far more than they ever thought that they would about their dogs and themselves. We will help you to build strategies in order to support you and your dog during your learning curve, and you just may find yourself having fun, meeting some new like minded friends and even getting a well balanced, safe, happy dog out of the deal.

We would invite you to be flexible and humorous in this training adventure and to explore the new positive outcomes for years to come. We will give you various choices in training methods so you can feel comfortable, successful and safe.

So take a look at our full web site to make sure this is the right training company for you and then select a package that fits in with your life and schedule.

Fill out the registration and then begin your training adventure with fellow passionate dog loving, owning people here at Connective Training. Gratefully supporting Victoria dog lovers since 2004.

Sincerely Michele Jarvis-Wonnacott Owner/ Creator

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“Words cannot describe how grateful Marshall and I are for the training we received through Michelle at connective training. We adopted Marshall not six weeks ago and through training with Michelle have definitely eased his anxiety in coming to his new home. She is a gifted trainer who really understands both the needs of the dog and the human both of whom she teaches to live together in harmony.”
Ann Wilson


“We signed up for 4 sessions of private lessons with Michele . Having read other testimonials on her website we had a vague idea that we were in good hands. Not only were the other testimonials correct, they really understated the benefit of the lessons and in particular Michele’s role in creating a very deep appreciation for ones own puppy. While we learnt how to get our pup to sit, stay, lie down, move forward- what we really learnt was how to fundamentally connect with this living breathing truly remarkable little being.
Michele’s use of her pack really helped us understand that we weren’t there to command our puppy, we were there to work with and learn from him. She really makes one aware, albeit subtly, of the symbiotic relationship at work. Nowhere was this more evident than in the change in my 6 year old son. He started off happy with the puppy, but quickly became a bit reticent after he had been nipped by those razor sharp teeth. Michele never forced him to take part, but we were amazed when he asked to do certain exercises with her and then at our last class Michele brought out the entire connective training pack. My son asked if he could walk Parker- the largest one of the pack and by far the largest dog my son has ever been near. My son, dressed in his Thor halloween costume, took Parkers leash and guided him through our walk. It was possibly one of the most emotionally touching sights I have ever witnessed and really showed the particular magic Michele weaves at connective training. We all loved the sessions- thank you Michele and the Connective Training pack.”